Interactions of natural and anthropogenic parameters over the land:progress of the National Key R&D Program of China for Global Change and Response

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    With the support of the National Key Research and Development program,the project proposed a new method for the detection and correction of inhomogeneity of the observed land surface climate data,solved the problem of the detection and correction of the gradual inhomogeneity,and constructed the station and grid data set for the homogenized surface solar radiation,air temperature,ground temperature,wind speed and precipitation in China.The conclusions on the trend of surface wind speed,warming pattern in China and its formation mechanism have been revised.Multi-source data were integrated to construct and validate historical and future datasets of key anthropogenic factors affecting natural systems such as power plants,population,biomass energy,water withdrawal,nitrogen emissions,and carbon dioxide emissions at the km,watershed,or county level.Scenarios of future key anthropogenic factors were constructed,methane and nitrous oxide emission scenarios under carbon neutrality targets and future scenarios used to drive global models were developed,and the mitigation effects of China's carbon neutrality on global warming were estimated,and it was found that China's carbon neutrality had significant mitigation effects on long-term and medium-term global warming.The safety threshold and overshoot time of water nitrogen emission in each province of China are given,the relationship between grain yield and nitrogen fertilization in China is expounded,and effective ways to reduce water nitrogen emission under the premise of ensuring food security are proposed.It is pointed out that the reconstruction of urban and rural nutrient cycling system is a necessary way to ensure food security and restore water quality at the same time.It is found that the interannual change of global water vapor deficit is significantly related to the interannual change of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration rising rate,which illustrates the important role of water vapor deficit change in regulating ecosystem productivity and the complex influence of multi-factor coupling on ecosystem productivity change.A more comprehensive and detailed assessment of the socio-economic and natural ecological impacts of China's various pathways to carbon neutrality is recommended to ensure that the goal of carbon neutrality is achieved in synergy with other sustainable development goals.

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王开存,王灿,李龙辉,汪涛,吴国灿,付永硕,马倩,张井勇,蔡闻佳,曹静,喻朝庆,朱华晟,南卓铜,陈旻,张晶,纪多颖,沈妙根,唐文君,何斌,占文凤,2024.陆表自然和人文要素相互作用——“全球变化及应对”重点专项研究进展[J].大气科学学报,47(1):1-22. WANG Kaicun, WANG Can, LI Longhui, WANG Tao, WU Guocan, FU Yongshuo, MA Qian, ZHANG Jingyong, CAI Wenjia, CAO Jing, YU Chaoqing, ZHU Huasheng, NAN Zhuotong, CHEN Min, ZHANG Jing, JI Duoying, SHEN Miaogen, TANG Wenjun, HE Bin, ZHAN Wenfeng,2024. Interactions of natural and anthropogenic parameters over the land:progress of the National Key R&D Program of China for Global Change and Response[J]. Trans Atmos Sci,47(1):1-22.

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  • Received:January 03,2024
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  • Online: March 19,2024
  • Published: January 28,2024

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