Effects of spring soil moisture on compound events of high temperature,low humidity,and rainfall in South China

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    The summer of 2022 exhibits significant characteristics of high temperature,low humidity,and rainfall in South China.Previous studies have focused on extreme events of high temperature and low rainfall in summer,whereas attention to near-ground relative humidity,which is closely related to human comfort and crop growth,has been relatively insufficient.In this study,we define events of positive temperature anomaly,negative precipitation anomaly,and negative relative humidity anomaly exceeding one time of the interannual standard deviation between 1959 and 2022 are as compound events of summer high temperature,low humidity,and rainfall.Monthly ERA5 atmospheric reanalysis data of 1959—2022 are used in this study.We study the effect of spring soil moisture on the compound events in summer by composite analysis and a dynamic adjustment approach based on constructed circulation analogs,and the physical mechanism is analyzed.The results show that:1) The hot spots of the coupling between spring soil moisture and summer climate in south China are basically consistent with the high variability of summer temperature,precipitation,and relative humidity in 2022.2) When the soil in the Yangtze River Basin and Huang-Huai area is dry in spring and the southeast area is wet,the compound events of drying and heat will occur in summer.3) The effect of spring soil moisture on summer climate variability is mainly realized by adjusting the distribution of local evapotranspiration and net radiation energy.The study of the compound extreme events of high temperature,low humidity,and rainfall is of great significance in effectively preventing all kinds of disasters and safety accidents caused by them,protecting people's lives and property,and maintaining social production order.

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陈玥,王爱慧,2023.中国南方春季土壤湿度对夏季干热少雨复合事件的影响[J].大气科学学报,46(3):332-344. CHEN Yue, WANG Aihui,2023. Effects of spring soil moisture on compound events of high temperature, low humidity, and rainfall in South China[J]. Trans Atmos Sci,46(3):332-344.

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  • Online: June 30,2023
  • Published: May 28,2023

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