Analysis on microphysical characteristics of “7.20” extremely heavy rainfall in Zhengzhou based on dual polarization radar and precipitation phenomenon instrument data

1.Luoyang Meteorological Bureau;2.Nantong Meteorological Bureau

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    Based on the dataset of precipitation phenomenon instrument in Zhengzhou, the dual polarization radars, the conventional observation and the China’s First Generation Global Atmosphere and Land Reanalysis data, the microphysical characteristics of “7·20” extremely heavy rainfall in Zhengzhou were analyzed. The extremely heavy rainfall was affected by multiscale weather systems, providing favorable environmental conditions for the formation of complex microphysical characteristics. The results showed that the raindrop size distributions changed significantly with time, and values of the raindrop size distribution parameters were widely distributed, covering the distribution area from continental convective precipitation to maritime convective precipitation. The number density of small drops was much higher than that of common convective precipitation in East Asia and the average value in South China in summer, and a large number of large drops also existed, leading to the higher precipitation efficiency during the strongest precipitation period from 16:00 to 17:00 on the 20th July. The low-centroid structure of convective storm was observed by dual polarization radar, showing the typical characteristics of warm cloud. The intense warm-rain processes below the 0℃ layer played an important role in the formation of the extremely heavy rainfall because of the melting of lots of ice particles and high efficiency for the growth of raindrops.

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  • Received:July 15,2022
  • Revised:September 30,2022
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