Understandings of assessment reports on climate change impacts,adaptation and vulnerability:progress from IPCC AR5 to AR6

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    The second working group of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report (IPCC AR6 WGⅡ) focuses on the impact,risk,adaptation and vulnerability of climate change.The report quantitatively assesses the impact of climate change on natural and human systems with the latest data,detailed evidence and diverse methods.Compared to AR5,the following progress has been made:Firstly,The content clarifies that the impact of climate change is attributable to three categories:anthropogenic climate forcing,non-climate factor action and weather sensitivity identification,127 key risks from climate change will become widespread or irreversible,and limiting global warming to 1.5 ℃ can greatly reduce climate change loss and damage to natural and human systems,pointing to the importance of adapting to transition.Secondly,AR6 WGⅡ adopts the latest combination of SSPs and RCPS in terms of evaluation method,which is more comprehensive.Thirdly,AR6 WGⅡ has focus on risks and solutions,and on the basis of AR5 WGⅡ,it is clarified that under different future warming scenarios,the risk level of the key risks facing the five “reasons for concern (RFCs)” will be relied on lower to very high levels of global warming.Finally,AR6 WGⅡ clarifies the urgency of climate action,combining adaptation and mitigation to support sustainable development is essential for climate resilience development pathways,pointing to the importance of immediate action to address climate risks.

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姜彤,翟建青,罗勇,苏布达,巢清尘,王艳君,王国杰,黄金龙,徐润宏,高妙妮,缪丽娟,2022.气候变化影响适应和脆弱性评估报告进展:IPCC AR5到AR6的新认知[J].大气科学学报,45(4):502-511. JIANG Tong, ZHAI Jianqing, LUO Yong, SU Buda, CHAO Qingchen, WANG Yanjun, WANG Guojie, HUANG Jinlong, XU Runhong, GAO Miaoni, MIAO Lijuan,2022. Understandings of assessment reports on climate change impacts, adaptation and vulnerability:progress from IPCC AR5 to AR6[J]. Trans Atmos Sci,45(4):502-511.

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