Establishment of homogenized daily temperature series for Baoding in Hebei Province and its climate characteristics over century-long scale

1.Tianjin Meteorological Information Center;2.Tianjin Climate Center;3.Tianjin Marine Meteorological Key Laboratory;4.Civil Aviation University of China;5.National Meteorological Information Center

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    Based on the daily observations collected by National Meteorological Information Centre since 1919, the homogenized daily maximum and minimum temperature series during the period of 1912-2019 were established for Baoding in Hebei Province. Firstly, the error data due to manual observation or recording, instrument malfunctions and digital inputs were removed by quality control. Then, the missing observations were interpolated by standardized series method using the homogenized daily temperature data in Tianjin over century-long scale. Lastly, several significant breakpoints caused by changes in interpolation, station relocation and instrument manufacturers were detected by penalized maximal t test (PMT) with annual and monthly reference series constructed by two means, and adjusted by Quantile Matching (QM) adjustment with daily reference series from Berkeley Earth-daily data. It was found that the characteristics of inter-annual, decadal and trend changes were consistent with those fromBerkeley Earth-monthly、CRUTS4.03 and GHCNV3. And the characteristics of warming change induced by the rapid urban development in Baoding region have well been reflected, simultaneously compared with the whole Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. In addition, the warming change of annual and seasonal temperature extremes in Baoding have also increased significantly since 1912, the warming trends of annual and autumn lowest minimum temperature (TNn) were 0.340℃/10a and 0.404℃/10a (95% significance level), respectively, and the corresponding diurnal temperature range (DTR) are -0.118℃/10a and -0.215℃/10a (95% significance level).

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  • Received:March 24,2022
  • Revised:May 15,2022
  • Adopted:October 25,2022
  • Online: February 17,2023
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