Meteorological Risk Assessment of Major Events Based on Risk Matrix

1.Beijing Municipal Climate Centre,Beijing;2.CMA Earth System Modeling and Prediction Centre,Beijing

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    We proposed a novel method to predict the meteorological risk for important events, and successfully applied it to the 70th anniversary celebration of the People"s Republic of China. The method based on fine meteorological factors analysis, considered risk resources(weather risk) and vulnerability(impact on events), so that efficient measures can be taken in advance to make sure the success of the events. A risk matrix method was used to perform the analysis and prediction. Meteorological risk levels were evaluated and risk maps were drawn of major celebration events based on the investigation and analysis of meteorological factors that may affected the successful holding of the celebration events and the occurrence ratio of different meteorological events. For the 70th anniversary celebration of the People"s Republic of China, we recognized the major weather risks (from high to low) were precipitation/overcast and rain, day force eight wind, frog-haze, night force eight wind, high temperature and direct sunlight, thunder and lightning, low temperature, etc.. Risk control measures and countermeasures were put forward to the risk caused by different meteorological factors, which provided important reference for the scientific formulation and implementation of safety work plan and the successful development of activities. In the meteorological support work of major activities, a major change has been realized from considering only the occurrence probability of high impact weather to risk assessment based on weather impact and we got a good service effect for the events.

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  • Received:February 07,2022
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  • Online: May 06,2022
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