An improved digital bathymetric model for Prydz Bay by hydrography observations

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    Based on the International Bathymetric Chart of the Southern Ocean Version 1.0 (IBCSO V1),we rebuilt an improved high resolution digital bathymetric model for the bathymetry of Prydz Bay and the surrounding region by compiling the water depths from in situ hydrography observations.After removing the reduplicated data from multiple data sets,we compared the water depths from the in situ hydrography observations with the seafloor depths from the IBCSO V1 on the original IBCSO grid with a 500 m×500 m spatial resolution.In the revised bathymetry,the data including multi-beam and single-beam echo soundings,digitized depths from nautical charts in IBCSO complete preserved,and only the interpolated bathymetry in IBCSO revise,using the water depths from in situ hydrography observations with a specific gridding technique.Our bathymetry revision is mostly benefited from the remarks by equipped seals,especially in the coastal regions from south of Davis Station to 82°E,west of Amery Ice shelf front and the neighborhood of West Ice Shelf front,where benthic observations existed and the ocean bottom is extremely deepened compared to the current datasets.The improved digital bathymetric model provides insights into new topographical features in these regions.Besides,,by revealing an accurate seafloor around the continental shelf region of Prydz Bay,it can favor our understanding of the dynamic influences of bathymetry on the circulations of the ocean and the sea ice and the basal mass balance of the Amery Ice Shelf.

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陶怡轩,刘成彦,王召民,2021.水文水深数据修正的普里兹湾数字水深模型[J].大气科学学报,44(1):128-139. TAO Yixuan, LIU Chengyan, WANG Zhaoming,2021. An improved digital bathymetric model for Prydz Bay by hydrography observations[J]. Trans Atmos Sci,44(1):128-139.

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