Research progress for the changes of Arctic Ocean surface wave with diminishing sea ice

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    The initiation and advancement of surface waves(sea and swell) within the Arctic Ocean have been regulating by the wind forcing and the sea ice extent,which was clearly distinctive from the tropical and subtropical oceans.We present the current research advances of Arctic Ocean surface waves beneath distinctive ice coverage based on the perceptions of buoys,moorings,and ship-based measurements,as well as the studies based on satellite remote sensing and numerical simulations.The propagation mechanisms of waves in sea ice covered regions were evaluated too.The average significant wave height in the open water of the Arctic Ocean in summer can reach 3 m,and amid storms,the significant wave height can reach 5 m in the Beaufort Sea.Excluding the Atlantic division,the wave activity in the most range of the Arctic Ocean during summer has expanded within the past few decades,and the significant wave height on the Beaufort-Chukchi Sea has an expanding drift of approximately 1-3 cm/a.This trend is basically triggered by the collective impact of an increase in fetch due to the sea ice retreat,and the frequency and intensity of storms.The projection based on the CMIP5 multi-model simulations appears that compared with the historical period (1979-2005),the significant wave height over the Arctic Ocean at the end of this century (2081-2100) will increase by 3 cm/a,of which the highest increment happens within the eastern part of the central Arctic Ocean.Expanded wave movement advances the removal of through the wave-ice positive feedback mechanism during the melting period.In coastal zones,enhanced wave movement will quicken coastal erosion and promote the disintegration of coastal permafrost.Extreme waves can also pose a threat to shipping security.Future research needs to be conducted based on more and extensive field observations to deepen the understanding of the generation,development,propagation,and attenuation mechanisms of waves under the influence of changes in the sea ice extent and thickness,to progress the capacity to mimic and project waves in ice areas.

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李姝彤,窦挺峰,效存德,2021.海冰覆盖度变化下北冰洋海浪研究进展[J].大气科学学报,44(1):118-127. LI Shutong, DOU Tingfeng, XIAO Cunde,2021. Research progress for the changes of Arctic Ocean surface wave with diminishing sea ice[J]. Trans Atmos Sci,44(1):118-127.

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