Interdecadal variation of the Arctic Oscillation and its influence on climate

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    The Arctic Oscillation (AO) is the dominant mode of atmospheric circulation in the extratropical Northern Hemisphere,which exerts widespread influences on the Northern Hemispheric and regional temperature changes.AO can be generated via wave-mean flow interactions without the presence of atmospheric external forcing.Hence,it is considered to be an essential component of the internal variability of the global climate system.Investigating the interdecadal variation of the AO and its impacts on climate helps to deepen the physical understanding of the observed climate change and variability in the Northern Hemisphere.Meanwhile,it also provides a scientific basis for the near-term projection of climate change and its uncertainty on the interdecadal scale.This paper briefly reviews and summarizes the recent research on the temporal and spatial variations of wintertime AO on the interdecadal scale and their impacts on the climate in the Northern Hemisphere.Three aspects are reviewed,including the physical mechanism of influences of the AO on interdecadal variations of the East Asian winter monsoon,the contribution of the AO to long-term trend of wintertime air temperature in the Northern Hemisphere,and the uncertainty of interdecadal influence of the AO.The possible issues that deserve future research are also discussed.

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王林,龚海楠,兰晓青,2021.北极涛动的年代际变化及其气候影响[J].大气科学学报,44(1):50-60. WANG Lin, GONG Hainan, LAN Xiaoqing,2021. Interdecadal variation of the Arctic Oscillation and its influence on climate[J]. Trans Atmos Sci,44(1):50-60.

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