Evaluation of the four PBL schemes in WRF Model over complex topographic areas

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    In order to simulate meteorological parameters more accurately in the Planetary Boundary Layer(PBL) over complex terrain,the SRTM3 data from NASA was used in WRF model.With configuration of four PBL parameterization schemes(YSU scheme,ACM2 scheme,MYN scheme,and BL scheme) and two geographical data(SRTM3,GTOPO30),meteorological parameters in the PBL of the Mt Huang area during 24—25 April 2008 were evaluated.Temperature and dewpoint temperature of 2 m,wind speed of 10 m and water vapor distribution from simulation were contrasted to the observational data from 19 meteorological stations and 2 sounding stations in the Mt Huang area.Results show that YSU scheme was best for 2 m temperature simulation and ACM2 scheme was best for 2 m dewpoint temperature and 10 m wind speed simulation in the four PBL schemes with both geographical data;when SRTM3 data was used in WRF model,the mean RMSE of 2 m temperature simulated by the four PBL schemes were reduced by 3.79%(YSU scheme),2.48%(ACM2 scheme),3.8%(MYN scheme),and 0.87%(BL scheme), respectively;for 2 m dewpoint temperature,only the mean RMSE by MYN scheme was reduced by 0.59%,while the mean RMSE of YSU,BL and ACM2 schemes increased by 1.39%,0.49%,and 0.89%,respectively;as to 10 m wind speed,only the mean RMSE by ACM2 scheme was reduced by 2.28%,while the mean RMSE of YSU,MYN, and BL schemes increased by 0.22%,2.32%,and 2.45%,respectively;for the vertical distribution of water vapor from sounding report,all of the four PBL schemes can successfully simulate the vertical distribution tendency of water vapor,but all results turned out to be much moister;by using STRM3 data,the vertical distribution of water vapor simulated by ACM2 scheme was improved on low layer during some periods of time.

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张小培,银燕,2013.复杂地形地区WRF模式四种边界层参数化方案的评估[J].大气科学学报,36(1):68-76. ZHANG Xiao-pei, YIN Yan,2013. Evaluation of the four PBL schemes in WRF Model over complex topographic areas[J]. Trans Atmos Sci,36(1):68-76.

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